Art Exhibition Canberra

28January 2023

I joined a group Nature Art Lab, Canberra on line social media platform in with a theme "Reflections on Nature"and uploaded my mixed media painting called ‘Before they Disappear’ 

By participating in this project I visualized an art piece in the environment relating to my natural surrounding at Narooma.  I started to develop an art piece multimedia with a subject theme of moths/butterflies I noticed at a beach that had been stranded there and died.  They were beautiful in my eyes and I wanted to capture that moment before they disappeared for ever and so painted the moths/butterflies in the art form of mixed media using watercolour and inks - a textured sand background gave the moths a chance to live on through my painting.  By participating in online social media my artwork (Before they disappear) was chosen for a group exhibition held at the Old Barn Gallery, Pialligo ACT.  Exhibition Dates:​Thursday 2 February to Sunday 5 February 2023 and Thursday 9 February to Sunday 12 February 2023 10am - 4pm


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